Wages Brewing Company was near capacity Saturday evening as local art enthusiasts came to take part in a silent auction to support the the West Plains R-7 Bridges Program.

West Plains artist Garrett Melby, who helped organized the event, said the event couldn’t have gone any better and the cause was close to his heart.

He and fellow artist Ned Bradley worked on a live painting together, which sold for $500 to Melby’s aunt, Connie Neams. Melby said the painting and a plaque bearing the phrase “Making the difference” were donated to Bridges in honor of his late grandmother, Paula Cramer.

“She loved giving to help children have a better chance at a successful life,” Melby said.

Bridges Coordinator Cyndi Wright said she would hang the painting and plaque on the wall of the Bridges store located on the West Plains High School campus.

Melby said that the event Saturday night raised $2,120 for the Bridges program. According to Wright, that money will go to support Bridges’ backpack program.

Local artists included many from the West Plains Artist’s Guild and individual artists who donated their works to be sold, with all proceeds going to the program.

Bridges’ backpack program provides free weekend meals to low-income students living with food insecurity.  

“So many children and families are touched by the Bridges program,” Melby said.

Bridges is partly funded by the West Plains School District and provides assistance to low-income students and their families. Wright said it would be impossible to help all the children that need It without donations and support from the community.

For more information call 256-6150 or email at cyndi.wright@zizzers.org.

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