Wayne Simmons, owner of 1st Class Pest and Termite, said now is the time to spray for those unwanted visitors.  

This is the time of year rodents and snakes are looking to get out of the cold, said Simmons. 

“Snakes are a  problem right now as they are trying to find their places to hide for the winter,” said Simmons. “Many snakes are coming into houses.”

Simmons said he has retrieved snakes from inside houses hiding in kitchens and also caught a copperhead inside a church. 

Another problem this time of the year is spiders, he said.

According to Simmons, brown recluse spiders do not make a web as it is a predator and this makes it difficult to spot because they do not want to be found. Brown recluse like to hide in places with the least amount of traffic such as basements and dark places.

Ladybugs also need to be sprayed for this time of year, said Simmons.

Another bug people have a hard time recognizing is box elder bugs, he said. Box elder bugs look like ladybugs but they are blackish with orange markings. Simmons said spraying now will keep the insect population down in the spring.

Termites need to be treated, said Simmons, and they are some of the most destructive insects around. The most common sign of termites is wood tunneling.

Simmons said he has been treating a lot of homes for bedbugs. Simmons uses a thermal imager to detect the bedbugs and said he has a 100 percent success rate. He guarantees he works. 

“If you’ve been told it costs more than $400 to treat for termites or bedbugs give me a call,” he said. “We stand behind our work.”

His motto is ‘Got Bugs, We’ll Get ‘Em.’

“I want to give smiles to all my customers. I want to make them happy,” he said.

Simmons holds a pest control certification certificate from Purdue University. He is licensed in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. 

For more information visit his Facebook page 1st Class Pest and Termite or contact him at 270-0911.

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