Gammill Inc.

GAMMILL INC. In West Plains has been a member of the Greater West Plains Area Chamber of Commerce for almost 50 years, and is an industry leader in the manufacturing of quilting machines. The company currently employs 23 people in the production warehouse and business office at 1452 Gibson St in West Plains. From left: Shandi Brinkman, Kent Adams, Lana Adams, Jennifer Smith, owner and General Manager Michelle Weaver, Mike Caldwell, Richard Capp, Chris Caldwell, Cheyenne Sewell, Eric Smith, Bonnie Phillips, Brandon Collins, Inocencio Leija, Robert Webb and Robert Ware.

For over 35 years, Gammill Inc. in West Plains, 1452 Gibson St., has been manufacturing quilting machines and today, the company stands out as an industry leader.

When the company was founded by West Plains business owner Ken Gammill, he was looking for an easier and more efficient way to machine quilt.In 1980, Gammill developed a large-throated sewing machine which moves on tracks. Unlike with regular sewing machines, the new machine moved over the fabric, rather than the fabric moving through the machine.

Over the years, the company grew, improving and refining those early models. Today, Gammill Inc. is owned and managed by Michelle Weaver who first joined the company in 2014. The company employs 23 people at its manufacturing warehouse and business office on Gibson Street in West Plains.

According to the company, its machines use cutting-edge computer software, which allows a quilter to custom-design each quilt. The machines will then automatically quilt, producing a king-size quilt in hours, a process that could take days or longer to do by hand.

Gammill’s business office is the hub for the company’s management, education, accounting, production and shipping operations. The company also has a global network of professional dealers who deliver, install and train customers on the usage of its quilting systems.

“We believe quilting should be rewarding, not frustrating,” said Shandi Brinkman, Gammill’s marketing director.

With this goal in mind, said Brinkman, the company builds quilting machines of the highest quality and has an international network of dealers.

“We want them to have the tools, knowledge and resources to be confident quilters,” said Brinkman.

Gammill Inc. joined the Greater West Plains Area Chamber of Commerce Jan. 1, 1970.

For more information on Gammill visit the company’s website at or call 256-5919.

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