HOWELL-OREGON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE has been in business since 1939, established under the depression-era Rural Electrification Act of 1936, which provided federal loans for the installation of electric lines in rural America. The funding was managed by electric cooperatives like Howell-Oregon. Today Howell-Oregon’s staff of 82 serves about 24,000 customers in Douglas, Ozark, Texas, Shannon, Howell and Oregon counties.

Headquartered in West Plains, Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative (HOEC) provides distribution of reliable, cost-efficient electricity to approximately 24,500 meters of south-central Missouri across six counties: Douglas, Ozark, Texas, Shannon, Howell and Oregon.

That equates to 4,893 miles of line maintained by the co-op. HOEC has a team of 82 employees serving its members.

HOEC, now in its 80th year of serving members, was formed Aug. 15, 1939, under the Rural Electrification Act of 1936. The organizational meeting was held at the Oregon County Courthouse in Alton. 

Owned by the members it serves, Howell-Oregon is not profit-driven; as a cooperative, it strives to keep costs low and quality of service high, and allocates excess margins back to its members through the Patronage Capital program. Since 2009, HOEC has returned $16,138,033.03 back to the membership through the program. 

HOEC, through its power supplier, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI), uses a number of different resources that make up the generation mix. About 18% of the mix comes from renewable energy and hydropower. Collectively, electric cooperatives paved the way when it came to pioneering wind energy in Missouri. 

Additionally, Missouri ranks amongst the lowest cost providers of electricity in the nation, and HOEC ranks below the state average. HOEC looks forward to continuing its mission to be a leader in delivering cost efficient, reliable energy with value-added service to its member-owners. 

To learn more, visit or call 256-2131.

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