Missouri State University-West Plains’ (MSU-WP’s) nursing program has been ranked fifth in Missouri for best value by NursingExplorer.com.

Fifty-one programs in Missouri were evaluated this year by the online nursing program database, officials said.

Amy Ackerson, director of nursing at MSU-WP, was excited to receive the news.

“We work very hard to provide the best possible education to our students at an affordable price,” she said. “This ranking validates our efforts and gives students assurance they will be exceptionally prepared for the licensure exam at a fantastic value,” she said.

“The nursing faculty are committed to offering students a top-notch education without passing a large price tag to students,” she added.

NursingExplorer.com collects vast amounts of public information about nursing programs across the country and makes it available to prospective students through a searchable online database.

This year, information was gathered and analyzed from 3,000 schools in the U.S. The analysis resulted in the ranking of 1,721 schools across 45 states using a formula that included each program’s NCLEX pass rate and net price.

The formula gave 70% weight to the NCLEX pass rate and 30% weight to net-price. The calculation resulted in a score between 1 and 100 for each school that reflects the quality of education offered at the school and affordability. If a school has a high NCLEX pass rate and low tuition (or provides a sizeable financial aid package), its ranking will be higher.

NursingExplorer.com is a place for prospective students to research nursing schools and the programs they provide, using data such as campus details, admission requirements, programs offered, number of students who graduated with a nursing degree last year categorized by degree type and gender, NCLEX pass rate history for the past seven years, tuition, financial aid and full time or part time status of students.

For a complete list of Missouri Nursing schools and their rankings, visit nursingexplorer.com/states/missouri.

For more information about MSU-WP’s nursing program, visit wp.missouristate.edu/nursing.

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