A power outage caused a slight delay as people lined up to wait for the doors to open for the seventh annual Brewfest Saturday at the West Plains Civic Center.

However, this did not hinder the spirits or affect the attendance of the event, according to Paula Speraneo, administrator of the West Plains Council of the Arts.

“We had about 850 people attend,” said Speraneo. “This is the most we have had in the past three years.”

“The outage was caused by a big tree falling on power lines,” said Kent Edge, West Plains city emergency management director. “The high winds and soil saturation caused the tree to fall. It was a big tree so it took about two hours for it to get cleaned up.”

The doors opened at 5:50 p.m. – a delay of only 20 minutes.

“We really owe credit to city crews and electric department for working quickly to help get this cleaned up so we could move forward without further delay and not cause too much distraction to the event and the people who were waiting,” said Emily Gibson, West Plains Civic Center director.

Great Rivers represented 11 breweries, Grellner Sales and Services represented eight. Six independent breweries and St. James Winery was also present.

Ten area restaurants and 11 farmers market vendors offered food and goodies to those attending.

“This was a great representation of vendors,” Speraneo said.

“We want to let everyone in the community and our vendors know how much we appreciate all your support in helping make this event a huge success.”

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