Arif Ahmed

Arif Ahmed, M.D., rheumatologist, has joined the growing Ozarks Medical Center Medical Group. Dr. Ahmed provides diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disease and systemic autoimmune conditions commonly referred to as rheumatic diseases. The diseases can affect joints, muscles and bones, causing pain, swelling, stiffness and deformity. A patient’s primary care provider can determine if one should be referred to a rheumatologist.

Dr. Ahmed is a fellowship-trained rheumatologist who is board-certified in internal medicine. Before coming to OMC, he worked as a hospitalist at St. Mary’s Hospital, Jefferson City and Blue Springs. Ahmed completed his fellowship in rheumatology at the University of Missouri Hospital and Medical Center, Columbia. He completed an internal medicine residency at TriHealth’s Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, and received his medical degree from the Ross University School of Medicine, Barbados.

Dr. Ahmed says that, in rheumatology, he sees some of the most challenging cases, as rheumatology may often be the last specialty to be consulted and he finds its analytic nature intriguing. He is currently pursuing a certification in functional medicine and when warranted, may recommend complementary lifestyle changes to support the traditional treatment of autoimmune diseases, such as diet and exercise.

In his spare time, Ahmed enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and before COVID-19, traveling. He has visited such locations as Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Mexico and Latvia, and he spent a month touring South America.

“We are so pleased to welcome Dr. Ahmed to OMC,” said Dr. Antony Joseph, president of OMC Medical Group. “He brings a unique skill set with his background in both rheumatology and functional medicine. His dedication to his specialty and a desire to help his patients will be an asset to OMC.”

Dr. Ahmed joins rheumatologist Dr. Sathish Itikyala at OMC Rheumatology, 2900 Independence Square in West Plains. For more information, call 256-1764.

Ozarks Medical Center is a system of care encompassing nine primary care and 17 specialty clinics, along with complete rehabilitation, behavioral healthcare, and home care services. While the 114-bed acute care hospital cares for more than 5,400 admissions, the entire medical system has more than 364,000 patient visits annually in South Central Missouri and Northern Arkansas. For more information about OMC, visit

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