REDA FOSTER recently visited Bailey Chevrolet with her sister Freda Carr, who snapped this photo of Reda with a 2019 Chevy Corvette. John Bailey of Bailey Chevrolet held a drawing for a chance to win the car valued at $66,000.

From Freda: I talked with Christine Collins and her daughter Mariah Green, who saw lots of community support at the benefit for Christine held earlier this month, and they made over $26,000. Christine and her family were in tears of the overwhelming support from family, friends, and the community.

They had many beautiful items at the auction and surrounding communities came to get in on the benefit. Items were donated all the way from Arizona from a business.

Christine and her family wanted to thank everyone that worked behind the scenes for many months getting this all together. Christine made her way around the crowd to try to personally speak to each one to see how they were and to thank each one for coming to eat and support her and her family.

Christine prayed for every person there and also for anyone that has been touched by cancer or a family member. “To God be the glory,” she said, for her healing and all of those who have prayed for her during this time.

Reda and I were road tripping June 1 in Willow Springs at Booster Field. Lots of locals from our community attended Celebrating the Ozarks with Ron Hearst’s KY3 live event.

A lucky winner whose name was chosen from a drawing was eligible for a chance to win a 60 inch TV. John Bailey with Bailey Chevrolet was on hand and was encouraging everyone to come visit Bailey Chevrolet in Willow Springs to sign up for a chance to win a 2019 Chevy Corvette Stingray valued at $66,000.

Hiland Dairy was giving out free ice cream to all. Sharry Lovan and her group was also playing music for all to enjoy. The children were playing in the park, swinging and playing ball and some were walking at the walking trail.

Friends, Family and eating ice cream and enjoying the beautiful weather this is how to start the weekend for sure...

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