Salers enthusiasts and junior exhibitors gathered in Sterling, Colol., from June 15 through 19 to participate in the annual Salers Junior National Show.

Junior members, including two from Thayer and one each from Pottersville and Mtn. View, took part in a variety of contests and events, ending with the evaluation of the cattle by Mat Lewis, Illiff, Colo.

This year’s American Salers Association Royalty includes Mattie McKee, Pottersville, as Junior Salers Princess.

Ben Cooley, of Sterling, evaluated this year’s advertising contest, which allows junior members to develop skills in marketing and design, won in the senior division by Brittany Hirsch, Thayer.

The photography contest was evaluated by Cate Doubet, Sterling, and Junior members were scored on the overall quality of their entered picture. Christian Hirsch, of Thayer, took the winning shot for the Senior division.

On the morning of June 16, Salers junior exhibitors competed in the No Fit Showmanship contest, after which champion and reserve winners from their respective age divisions re-entered the ring to compete for the Overall Showman title. Reserve Overall Showman went to Brittany Hirsch in the competition judged by Paul Hill, Nunn, Colo.

Junior members’ public speaking skills were tested on the afternoon of June 17 with a speech contest. After researching topics related to the agriculture industry, competitors delivered a timed speech to a panel of judges comprised of Lindsey McPeake, Bend, Ore., and Clay Carlson, Stoneham, Colo. Matthew Price, Mtn. View, won the Senior division. 

Price also won the champion title in the social-distancing-approved Individual Fitting contest judge by Levi Zwirn, Otis, Colo., on June 18. Members were divided into two age divisions and were evaluated on their ability to completely fit their calf in 45 minutes.

During the Junior National, members have the opportunity to earn points relating to their placings while showing their cattle and while competing in five individual and two team contests. These points then decide the Champion Exhibitor awards for each division. Brittany Hirsch was named Champion Senior Exhibitor, and Christian Hirsch, Reserve Champion Senior Exhibitor.

Overall Exhibitor awards are conducted on the point system, excluding age divisions. Placings in members’ respective contests go toward their total score, and the Top Ten Overall Exhibitors are awarded. Brittany Hirsch ranked at No. 1, followed by Christian Hirsch in second place. Price took the seventh place position. Others ranking in the top 10 hailed from Kansas, Iowa and Maryville, Mo.

Local youth claimed 13 titles between them: seven for Brittany Hirsch, four for Christian Hirsch and two for Price.

Brittany Hirsch won Grand Champion Optimizer Cow/Calf Pair with her WWCS Exclusive 310F, born Jan. 23, 2018, sire: Connealy Consensus 7229. Heifer Calf: CBH Rocking T Havana 013H, born May 3, 2020, sire: JCGC Wide Load 1948W. She also won Grand Champion Salers Heifer with CBH Fancy 002F, born Dec. 12, 2018, sire: JCGC XL 029X. That heifer was earlier named Champion Senior Yearling Heifer.

She was also awarded Champion Intermediate Heifer for CBH Gucci 004G, born March 22, 2019, sire: JCGC Wide Load 1948W. She swept the Bred & Owned Salers Heifer category, taking Grand Champion for CBH Fancy 002F, born Dec. 2, 2018, sire: JCGC XL 029X, and Reserve Grand Champion for CBH Gucci 004G, born March 22, 2019, sire: JCGC Wide Load 1948W. That heifer named Champion in this category was earlier named Grand Champion Overall Salers Heifer. In No-Fit Senior Showman, Brittany earned the Reserve Champion title, leading her also earn the title of Reserve Grand Champion Overall Showman.

Christian Hirsch won Reserve Champion Optimizer Bull with his CBH Gold Digger 005G, born April 2, 2019. Sire: JCGC XL 029X. He also won Grand Champion Salers Bull with CBH Gunsmoke 003G, born March 16, 2019, sire: JCGC XL 029X. Reserve Grand Champion Optimizer Heifer was awarded to him, as well, for JB Gabbana 9G, born Oct. 7, 2019, sire: MAC Wyndham 54W.

He was also awarded Reserve Champion Junior Yearling Heifer for JCGC Georgia 911G, born Jan. 7, 2019, sire: JCGC Dynamite 697D.

Price won Champion Lightweight Steer with his MPS Gold, born June 1, 2019, weight: 1,022 pounds, sire: Patisovwer Broker 574B. He also won Champion Summer Yearling Heifer with MPS Grace 930G, born June 3, 2019, sire: JCGC Zapper 260Z.

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