A West Plains man has been charged with first-degree domestic assault, second-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action after a concerned family member of the alleged victim called police to report suspected abuse.

A warrant has been issued for Justin Lee Massey, 36, Hubert Redburn Drive, with bail set at $10,000, according to court records.

West Plains Police Officer Justin Brown reported that on Dec. 20 he was dispatched to the Ridge Crest Motel to conduct a well-being check on the alleged victim, Massey’s girlfriend, who was living at the motel.

Brown said he drove the woman, who had a black eye, to the police department for an interview. He reported she told him she didn’t want Massey to get into trouble, she just wanted to leave the relationship. Brown told her he had already noticed her injury and had reason to believe Massey had caused it, so he had to file the charges regardless, he reported.

The woman then reportedly told Brown that Massey had caused the black eye, and the fight between them had happened about midnight the night before when he accused her of cheating on him.

She added that he had struck her on her right ear with an open hand, causing it to swell, then hit her in her left eye. She told the officer she couldn’t recall whether or not he used his open hand or a fist to hit her in the eye because she blacked out after she was struck and came to as Massey was placing her on a bed.

She said he then told her, “I am going to jail for this,” before spraying her with mace. She said the two continued arguing a little longer then went to bed. She said after she awoke the next morning she went to a friend’s room and stayed there until police contacted her.

Photo evidence of injuries to the woman’s ear and eye were filed, Brown said.       

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