Mountain View Police Department

A Mtn. View man has been charged after allegedly spanking a toddler hard enough to leave bruising on the child’s lower back and buttocks.

Christopher Lee Ransom, 32, is charged with abuse or neglect of a child without sexual contact, and first-degree endangering the welfare of a child, creating a substantial risk. A warrant was issued March 19 for Ransom with a $5,000 bond and has not yet been served, according to court records.

Mtn. View Police Detective Stetson Schwein investigated the incident, which reportedly happened about Feb. 17 and was reported to the Children’s Division.

Ransom and the child’s mother, Ransom’s wife, reportedly first told Schwein the child had been bruised from falling on a toy. Schwein stated he had doubts the injury had been caused from falling on a toy, and noted the purple, green and yellow-colored bruising covered an area about 8 inches by 6 inches.   

The boy, nearly age 2 at the time, and two other children in the home including a 1-month-old infant and a year-old toddler, were removed from the home and placed with a family member. According to Schwein's report, an examiner with the Child Advocacy Center concluded the bruises were the result of child abuse.

A 37th Judicial Children’s Division investigator added she had a signed statement from a witness who alleged Ransom had admitted he bruised the child as the result of a spanking.

In an interview with Ransom, he reportedly admitted to Schwein he spanked the child “a few times” the day before the investigation began as he was potty training the boy, he spanked him too hard and was sorry he injured him.

Schwein noted that, at the time of the report, the child remained in state-approved care.

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How does one justify spanking a child who is learning how to use the big person potty, they are little, when they are ready they will do it. Just give them time to be ready. Praying you have not lost your kids to the system. ADULTS- WE CAN DO BETTER!

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