Courtney Hamilton

Courtney Hamilton, pelvic floor specialist at Physical Therapy Specialists Clinic

Whether she is a busy mom, high school athlete or just now slowing down to enjoy the small things in life, pelvic floor dysfunction can affect any woman’s life.

While these generic categories for women may all look different, there is one thing they may have in common: needing to see a pelvic floor specialist. Physical Therapy Specialist Clinic is bringing that specialty to this community.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is the newest specialty added to Physical Therapy Specialist Clinic’s list of impressive skills to offer the community, say officials with the clinic.

A new therapist with the continuing education and skills to see and treat pelvic floor dysfunction has been added to the clinic’s team. Courtney Hamilton, doctor of physical therapy, can treat common pelvic floor dysfunctions such as incontinence, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, core weakness, low back pain and any other disorder associated with the pelvic floor.

Dr. Hamilton has over 75 hours of training and many more hours of experience with direct patient care.

Incontinence can range anywhere from leakage with sneezing, jumping and running, to having to run to the bathroom as soon as one gets home, officials point out. The issues can affect daily life to the point of having to adjust normal activity just to avoid incidents.

Women are frequently told “that just happens after a baby” and traditionally incontinence is a dysfunction labeled as “normal,” say clinic officials, adding it is something that can be addressed through therapy and retraining. Lower back pain is one of the most common diagnoses to be associated with pelvic floor dysfunction and Physical Therapy Specialists Clinic has specially trained staff to treat the spine.

“Our goal at Physical Therapy Specialist Clinic is to create a women’s health program that is uniquely designed for you,” say clinic staff. “The world of women’s health creates a group of diversely together women. We want to ensure specialized treatment that will help each woman get back to her daily life beyond her expectations.”

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