West Plains Police Department


The West Plains Police Department is looking for a motorcycle driver involved Thursday afternoon in a hit-and-run crash involving a West Plains R-7 school bus.  

The crash happened near the intersection of St. Louis Street and Myrtle Street. No injuries were reported to the bus driver or the six elementary school students who were passengers.

The driver of the motorcycle reportedly fled the scene, leaving the motorcycle, which was determined to have been reported as stolen in March.

If anyone has information on the identity or whereabouts of the driver they are urged to call the police department at 256-2244 or send an email to CrimeTips@westplains.net.    

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Also the article is not correct she pulled off of thronburge street onto saint Louis in the path of the motorcycle I did not happen on Myrtle street


This article strays from the truth and regardless of the character of the motorcycle driver with the bike being stolen I'm highly disappointed in the police department for how they handled and acted when this happened! It was right in front of my house I saw the whole thing the bus driver pulled out in front of the motorcycle driver. The driver of the motorcycle flew off his bike and skid across the road up under the bus and was wedged under the bus drivers front wheel the bus driver then almost kept going to pull over I assume but with out me screaming at her to stop she would have ran this man completely over she never stepped off the bus to check on this man!! I don't know how he walked away from this I thought he was deceased he has to have some pretty bad injurys. Again the driver of the bus hit is at fault she pulled off a side street onto a main road in front of this man. Shame on city police for how they acted not all but some they were more concerned with the fact that the bike was stolen then they were with the man's injuries or his life! Not once was an ambulance called nor did it show up regardless of this man leaving the scene the disregard or human life was awful!!

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