National Night Out

FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS mingled with West Plains police officers and firefighters Tuesday evening on Grace Avenue. Six different events were organized around West Plains by residents and business owners as part of the city’s first time participating in the annual National Night Out anticrime and community building event. Above, from left, Kevin and Brenda Smith and neighbors Sandy and David Evans pose with members of the police and fire departments.

The West Plains Police Department announces the 36th annual National Night Out has been scheduled to be held from 6 until 9 p.m. Aug. 4, and West Plains will be participating.

During this time, residents are invited to step out of their houses, turn on porch lights and spend the evening outside with neighbors and community members to take a stand against crime and drugs in the community, say police officials.

This year will be the second year West Plains has participated in the national event. National Night Out is designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness, create support and participation in local anticrime efforts, and build and strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships.

With all of these combined, police officials say they are sending a message to criminals letting them know neighborhoods are taking a stand against criminal activity.

The West Plains Police Department is encouraging as many neighborhoods or organizations to host a National Night Out Event as can.

If anyone has any questions about hosting a National Night Out event or if planning to have an event and would like police officers, contact Public Information Officer John Murrell at the Police Department, 256-2244.

The West Plains Police Department looks forward to getting to know and continuing to grow its partnership with the community through National Night Out, official added.

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Why are these people not wearing masks!! And this is an article about public safety! Wear masks.

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