Dog in a car

With summer temperatures beginning to climb, West Plains Police Department Animal Control Officer Brad Vannada reminds pet owners that leaving dogs and other furry friends in a hot vehicle can be potentially dangerous, even fatal.

In just 10 minutes on an 85-degree day, the temperature in a car can reach 102 degrees or hotter. In 30 minutes, the temperature can rise to 120 degrees or higher. At 110 degrees, a pet can suffer heat stroke and brain damage.

Allowing an animal to be harmed in this way is considered animal abuse, Vannada reminds pet owners.

If a pet is overheated, owners are urged to take emergency action. Bring the animal to a cool area, give it a cold water rub down to lower its body temperature, then take it to a veterinary office, Vannada recommends.

When in doubt, he says, just remember: “70 degrees and over, don't take Rover.”

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