Gas prices

With oil prices losing over half its value since the beginning of the year, gas prices in the United States have begun to fall.

In Missouri, gas prices have fallen as low as $1.19 a gallon, as recorded Wednesday morning in Joplin, according to GasBuddy, a gas price comparison app.

However in West Plains, many residents have noticed gas prices for the last two weeks continued to be set at more than $2 per gallon, despite lower prices in adjacent communities.

But relief at the pump is in sight.

As of Wednesday, gas stations in town have begun dropping prices below the $2 per gallon mark, catching up to other gas stations across the state.

As of this writing, MFA Oil at the corner of St. Louis Street and Broadway in West Plains has set is price to $1.67 per gallon, the lowest cost identified by this reporter.

That price price is roughly 30 cents cheaper than the gas found at Casey’s General Stores in West Plains, known by locals for typically having lower gas prices than the company’s competitors.

Casey’s prices in Willow Springs and Mtn. View are, on average, 10 cents lower than the ones in West Plains. The company’s corporate headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa, had not responded to repeated phone calls and requests for comment as of press time.

Other gas stations in West Plains also offering low prices at the pump. The Snappy Mart Truck Stop at the intersection of U.S. 63 and Highway 14 has it gas prices around $1.69 and the Conoco station on Porter Wagoner Boulevard is selling its gas for $1.68 per gallon.

Demand is expected to continue to drop, in part because of travel restrictions and fewer people leaving the house in keeping with health officials’ recommendations to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

Along with the demand, the price of oil is likely to continue to fall, leading to lower prices at the pumps for the near future.  

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