Jackson Land

Jackson Land, West Plains High School junior

Editor’s note: Jackson Land, junior at West Plains High School and son of Jarrod and Sara Land, visited with the Quill’s newsroom Monday. The Quill welcomes area youth to learn more about a career in journalism by visiting the Quill office and “shadowing” staff for a few hours in a day.

As the autumn season arrives in full swing, junior students from the West Plains High School are sent out into the community on assignment to discover more about career paths they have taken interest in by job shadowing local businesses and institutions of their choosing.

Jackson Land, one such student from West Plains High School, has discovered a passion for journalism and current events that has lead him to use the assignment as an opportunity to job shadow the writers and editors of the West Plains Daily Quill.

Growing up in West Plains, Land says, he always had a desire to write. He believes writing gives him an opportunity to express himself in a precise and open way. He strives to constantly expand the ways in which he writes by sharing his writing with other students at West Plains High School. Land says he enjoys the feedback he receives which helps inspire him to improve upon his writing.

The young writer says he believes having and articulate vocabulary is important to giving one an aura of confidence and maturity and he is constantly fusing his writing with advanced vocabulary in an attempt to expand and enrich the minds of the readers.

Land says he appreciates the sense of community that the Daily Quill brings to West Plains as well as the quick and easy access it provides to the latest news stories in the Howell County area. During the day, Jackson had the opportunity to sit down with some of the Quill’s reporters as well as the news editor, Abby Hess, in order to discuss many of the activities and requirements a career in journalism brings.

One of the things Land said he found most interesting during his day is the discussion of the standard article format used by the Quill as he enjoys the way it puts the most important facts before and above all else. He said he is excited to take this format and implement parts of it in future writings he creates.

Land summed up his day at the West Plains Daily Quill as informative and educational to his specific interests.

“I am thankful for the writers and editor who willingly sacrificed their time to sit down with me and discuss my passion for the career of journalism and all the opportunities it can bring,” he said.

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