The West Plains Daily Quill is proud to be a reliable and trusted news source for the communities it serves, offering coverage of sports, crime, court cases, education, arts and entertainment, business development, government and other issues that are important to share. To continue supporting those efforts, some website users have seen a change in their access to online content as of May 13.

While the importance of providing timely news to readers has never changed, the way many people access the news has changed. While some prefer to read the West Plains Daily Quill in print, some readers elect to get their news via a cell phone, tablet or computer. 

The West Plains Daily Quill has offered digital subscriptions for a number of years so online readers could enjoy unlimited access to news and sports coverage. The Quill also provided a set number of free views for those who needed only occasional access to online articles and features.

While providing a quality news product continues to be a top priority for the West Plains Daily Quill, offering unlimited access to articles on the website has presented obstacles to the commitment of supporting the local journalism that is so essential to the success of the community newspaper.

In an effort to maintain the integrity required of a community-centered newspaper, visitors to the website ( are no longer offered a set number of free views per month.

A subscription will be required to read locked stories (designated with a key symbol next to the headline). Any unlocked stories (those without a key) will be available for anyone to read anytime with no limit to the number of views.

This change will not affect print subscribers as they already receive unlimited digital access as part of their subscription. The change will affect only those readers without a print or online subscription who choose to access their news online.

For more information or assistance in purchasing an online or print subscription, call 866-204-7515 or email

For a limited time, the Quill is offering new customers an online subscription for only 99 cents for the first month.

However you enjoy reading the paper (whether online or in print) by purchasing a subscription, you help support the Quill’s mission of providing quality local news to the communities it serves.

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