Jason H. Freeman

20, white male, 66-inches tall, 146 pounds. Failure to appear warrant for arrest on two Class C felony charges of theft/stealing. No bond.

A high speed chase that started in Mtn. View and ended with a crash also resulted in a driver being charged with eight felonies.

Jason H. Freeman, 23, Birch Tree, has been charged with three counts each of first-degree assault or attempt and armed criminal action, and one count each of resisting arrest by fleeing and leaving the scene of an accident that caused physical injury.

Mtn. View Police Officer Michael Pauly reported that on Thursday, he was patrolling WW Highway when he saw a white Ford Focus pass him and noticed it had expired tags.

Pauly reported he caught up to the vehicle at Wade Street in Mtn. View, and when it made a left turn he activated his lights and siren, but the vehicle continued forward.

When it reached a church parking lot, Pauly reported, he thought the vehicle was going to stop, but it instead accelerated through the parking lot, almost striking two pedestrians before it turned south on Highway 17.

Pauly said he then advised 911 he was in pursuit of a vehicle that had almost hit two people, and in court documents, reported the chase reached speeds of about 100 miles an hour, with no traffic in the area.

When Pauly saw a white SUV as the chase neared County Road 2900, he said slowed down in an attempt to get the driver of the Ford to slow down. The driver of the Ford attempted to pass, then slammed on his brakes before his vehicle struck the SUV and continued south on Highway 17 for about 1,300 feet before mechanical failure forced it to stop.

Pauly said he approached the vehicle with his weapon drawn and ordered Freeman out of the vehicle and onto the ground, where he was placed into handcuffs without further incident.

A small baggie of marijuana was found on Freeman, Pauly noted.

The driver of the vehicle that had been struck appeared to be uninjured, the officer said. Freeman was taken to Ozarks Medical Center for treatment.

Pauly reported Freeman also had 19 active warrants.

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