Ozarks Medical Center and the Boys & Girls Club of the Greater West Plains Area have teamed up this year to host the fourth annual Dice Run of the Mills. Proceeds will benefit OMC Cancer Treatment Center patients and the local Boys & Girls Club at Thayer. From left: Jake Marcum, club board member; Aaron Evans, club CEO; Ashley Young, club board member; Kenya Cook, club Thayer branch site coordinator; Leslie Collins, club board member; Karen Eggert, club board member; Melissa Smith, OMC marketing and public relations coordinator and club board member; and Alexandra Malisheski, OMC Cancer Treatment Center manager.


Ozarks Medical Center and the Boys & Girls Club  of Greater West Plains will co-host the fourth annual Dice Run of the Mills on June 20. This year, funds raised from the event will support OMC Cancer Treatment Center patients and the Boys & Girls Club  Thayer branch.

The Dice Run is open to motorcycles, cars and trucks. The cost to enter is $20 per vehicle, and includes one score card. Riders can begin the route any time after registration, which will be 9 to 10:30 a.m. at OMC Parkway Center. Additional scoring cards can be purchased for $5 each. Event T-shirts will be available for purchase at registration. 

“What better way to raise money for two wonderful causes and also take a drive through the Ozarks,” said Melissa Smith, event chair. 

“The Dice Run is a 122-mile ride that will have stops at Dawt Mill, The Antler, Hodgson Mill, Rockbridge and Twin Bridges. This event isn’t just for bikers, it’s a fun way to get out, take a ride with the family and explore all the beauty our Ozarks region has to offer,” she said. 

The OMC Cancer Treatment Center Patient Emergency Fund provides patients in need with assistance for prescription and over-the-counter medications, chemo drugs and pain meds, transportation to and from treatments, and sometimes even groceries or gas, Smith explained. 

The Boys & Girls Club plans to use its share of the proceeds toward operational expenses to keep the Thayer branch of the club open past Dec. 31.

“The overall goal and mission of the Boys & Girls Club is to be there for those who need us the most,” said Aaron Evans, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of the Greater West Plains Area. “Since the Thayer site began three years ago, it has become a cornerstone in the Thayer community."

The club assumes responsibility for providing meals, educational programming, enrichment activities and mentoring youth, he explained.

"Enrollment continues to grow, which is a testament to the demand. The Boys & Girls Club was fortunate to have enough funds donated by a single donor to start the Thayer site, but since then, we’ve exhausted those resources," said Evans. "A higher demand coupled with a depleting bank account calls for an immediate ‘all hands on deck’ for kids in our communities. We need your help to ensure the Thayer site stays open past December of 2020.”  

Sponsorships are available for the Dice Run. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, contact Kenya Cook of the Boys & Girls Club  at 417-274-2418, or Melissa Smith with Ozarks Medical Center at 417-274-2354.

For those unfamiliar with the rules of a dice run, five dice will be rolled at each of the six Dice Roll Stops. The player’s score will be recorded on their score card. A prize will be awarded to the winner of each stop for highest roll at Dawt Mill, Rockbridge and Twin Bridges, and lowest roll at The Antler, Hodgson Mill and OMC Parkway Center. 

The grand prize of $100 will be awarded to the participant who has the highest overall dice roll score after all six rolls. Consolation prizes will be awarded for lowest overall score, oldest motorcycle driver or passenger and for the person who traveled the farthest to compete.

For more information about the Dice Run, visit the official Facebook event page at www.facebook.com/events/655941878591035.

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