Boil-water Advisory

All patrons of Public Water Supply District No. 2 from the Junction Hill System will have to boil water until further notice, officials have announced.

The advisory issued is because of an emergency leak, now repaired, they said, and affects all water patrons of the Junction Hill System north of U.S. 160, west of south Highway 17 and east of BB Highway. It does not include patrons in the area southwest of West Plains or patrons of the Brandsville system

Anytime pressures drop below 20 psi, it could cause possible water contamination, requiring the need for everyone to boil their water, said district officials.

Water must be boiled until further notice, until after samples have been tested and safe results are received from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Water must be boiled anytime repairs are made and the system must be sampled and safe results received from the lab at DNR before officials know if the water is safe to drink.

To ensure the safety of the water, customers should boil water vigorously for three minutes prior to use for cooking or drinking. Customers also can disinfect dishes by immersing them for at least a minute in clean water containing at least 50 parts per million (ppm) free chlorine. Adding a teaspoon of unscented household chlorine bleach to each gallon of water (or 1.3 milliliters of bleach per liter of water) should result in a solution with more than 50 ppm free chlorine, provided the water is free of hydrogen sulfide and significant levels of dissolved metallic and organic compounds.

For more information, contact Water Operator Robert Hatley at the district’s office, 256-8871.

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