Howell County Sheriff Department

A Pottersville man who allegedly admitted to shooting at armadillos has been charged with discharging a firearm at a habitable structure after some bullets wound up in a neighbor’s house.

Terry Glenn Bennett, 57, Private Road 6801, was arrested at 9:44 p.m. Sunday at his home and is held on $10,000 bail, according to court records.

Howell County Deputy Logan Wake reported law enforcement was called on Sunday to a home on Private Road 6801 and told Bennett had shot two holes in the home with a .22-caliber firearm while the home was occupied.

In inspecting the bullet holes, Wake said they appeared to have come from the direction of Bennett’s house. One bullet entered a wall near a door and struck a speaker box in the living room and the other struck a double-paned kitchen window and became lodged between the two panes of window glass.

In speaking with Bennett the deputy said he appeared to be intoxicated and at first stated he hadn’t fired a gun in about a year, and told Wake he had some guns in his house, but wouldn’t allow deputies inside to see if they had been fired.

Bennett was then told his hands were going to be swabbed for gunpowder residue and attempted to go back into his house after being ordered not to and was taken into custody by force. Bennett later reportedly admitted to shooting a .22-caliber gun at an armadillo and was unsure if he shot towards the neighboring house.   

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