Victor Carl Burton

Victor Carl Burton

A Thayer resident has been arrested on a charge of sexual abuse after allegedly assaulting a woman by pulling her on top of him, grabbing her chest and trying to pull her shirt off.

Victor Carl Burton, 37, was arrested at 11:25 p.m. Wednesday at the Ridge Crest Hotel in West Plains on Oregon County charges of second degree domestic assault, armed criminal action and third degree domestic assault and Howell County charges of first degree sexual abuse and resisting arrest. He is held on $80,000 bail.

Complaints were made in May with Thayer Police Department by Burton’s live-in girlfriend. Thayer Police Officer Stephen Bryant reported the woman told him Burton had committed multiple acts of physical and sexual assault, as well as assaults on children, within about a week of moving in with him in late March.

She alleged the abuse included being thrown through a bathroom wall and being choked, punched, whipped with a belt and verbally abused. Stephens submitted court documents to prosecutors on May 26; the alleged victim told him on May 17 Burton had slapped her in the face and punched her in the eye, then didn’t allow her to go to work because she had a visible injury to her eye.

She added Burton would also prevent her from calling for help by breaking her phone. Stephens recorded visible injuries including bruises on her buttocks and the right side of her face and right eye. Stephens’ investigation reportedly included statements from the alleged victim’s family members, who said they saw bruises and had received text messages from the woman asking for help.

West Plains Police Officer Chris Barrett reported he spoke with the alleged victim, who showed scratches on her upper left chest and a small bruise on her lower right chest that she said were from the assault.

When Barrett went to the hotel to arrest Burton, Burton reportedly resisted arrest by pulling away from Barrett and Officer Josh Wichowski and placing his arm behind his back in an attempt to avoid being handcuffed.   

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