West Plains R-7 School Board

The West Plains R-7 School District central administration offices and the special education department are in the process of moving to new locations. District officials expect the transition to be complete by Monday.

The administration offices have moved to 610 Olden St. The district offices will be located at the high school where the special services offices were. The move will allow the Central Administration Office to be on campus for the first time in many years, said officials.

The special education services offices will move where the district administration offices were at 305 Valley View Drive. With multiple special education locations throughout the campus, the move will accommodate the district’s special education program, said officials.

“We are very excited about the change of locations for both departments. This will be the first time in many years central office has been on campus and we are very much looking forward to being with our students every day,” said Superintendent Lori Wilson. “The move for both departments is a major location change involving the relocation of people, services, and district philosophy. Our hope is to be entirely transitioned by July. We appreciate your patience as we work through moving and unpacking.”

The move will allow for a streamlined, centralized new student enrollment process, providing an opportunity for families to enroll new children to the district and receive information about individual programs all in one location. Centralized new student enrollment will take place at the new Special Education Department building, 305 Valley View Drive.

Dr. Wilson also said the Bridges program will be moving to a different location that will be more accessible for the community. It will be located in the brown building on the corner of Olden and College streets across from West Plains High School

“This will allow more efficiency and make it more customer friendly for the community,” Wilson said.

This is a developing story. Watch the Quill for updates.

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