Shannon County Sheriff's Office

A Winona resident who reportedly claimed he had a “message from the Lord” allegedly fired several shots from his vehicle toward two houses and is charged with two counts each of unlawful use of a weapon and armed criminal action.  

Richard L. Bradshaw, 46, is held without bail at the Shannon County Jail, according to court records. The specific unlawful use of a weapon charges filed are under the subsection regarding shooting from a motor vehicle at a person, building or other motor vehicle.

Shannon County Sheriff Darrin Brawley reported he responded to Atkins Lane the night of Sept. 5 and spoke to a man who said a man in a pickup truck had stopped in his driveway, revved the engine, then knocked on the door.

The property owner said the man, allegedly Bradshaw, shined a spotlight on the house after no one answered the door and began mumbling things the property owner couldn’t understand. When he asked Bradshaw what he wanted through a window, Bradshaw had reportedly returned to the truck and didn’t reply before gun shots were heard.

A man living at a house on the same road said the truck was in his driveway and someone was revving the engine and honking the horn. The homeowner turned on an outside light, opened a window and asked if the person needed help, to which Bradshaw reportedly replied “Do you need help?”

Bradshaw then announced himself as PeeWee Bradshaw and said he “had a message from the Lord.”

“The Lord told me to tell you to duck,” he allegedly said before asking the witness, “How does that make you feel?”

When the witness replied that he didn’t know, Bradshaw allegedly fired two shots and asked him again, “How does that make you feel?”

The witness said after he heard shots fired he got away from the window, checked on his wife and child and made sure the door was locked.

The homeowner said as he was getting his rifle he heard three more gunshots and Bradshaw revving the truck engine before pulling it into a gatepost and firing another shot.

When Brawley arrived, he said, he saw a dark truck parked near the front of the house, with the headlights shining on the house. After attempting to determine how many people were in the cab of the truck, Brawley said he commanded the driver to exit with his hands up, and Bradshaw complied.

Brawley added that Bradshaw smelled like intoxicants and when asked if he knew where he was claimed he was at the house of a “Jackrabbit Norris,” then proceeded to argue with Brawley when told he was at the wrong residence.

A deputy transported Bradshaw to jail and a STAR model BM 9 mm pistol was recovered from the dashboard of his vehicle, Brawley said.    


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