EDC October meeting

WEST PLAINS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION board members review documents as Economic Development Director David Bossemeyer gives his monthly update. Clockwise, from lower left: Mike Topliff, Bossemeyer, Jack Pahlmann, Tom Keller, Myles Smith, Josh Reeves and Tom Stehn.

During its monthly meeting Thursday night, members of the West Plains Economic Development Corporation (EDC) stressed the need for new officer candidates for the executive board in 2020.

The eight-member executive board is losing its chairman, Cary Stewart, as he is voluntarily stepping down due to a busy schedule. Another seat on the board is vacant.

The other six members are Vice Chairman Russ Gant, Treasurer Mike Topliff, Secretary Dan Singletary, Carol Silvey, Jack Pahlmann and Tom Keller.

Economic Development Director David Bossemeyer delivered his monthly report to the board members present. In the report he discussed assistance from a company to help EDC with marketing, a new planned retail development in the city and working with the Ozarks Small Business Incubator to develop marketing videos.

After Bossemeyer’s report, the executive board received the advisory board report presented by Myles Smith and learned of that board’s decision to combine the tourism and marketing subcommittees.

West Plains City Administrator Tom Stehn told the executive board of an upcoming expansion to the runway at the West Plains Regional Airport. According to Stehn, the airport will be expanded by 700 feet to the north and decreased by 200 feet to the south, resulting in a net gain of 500 feet added to the runway and this projected to take place by 2023.

He also talked about the possibility of two medical marijuana dispensaries opening up in West Plains.

The EDC was founded in 2017 and is a joint venture between the city and private and public entities for the purposes of helping spur economic development in West Plains and the immediate surrounding area.

For more information on the EDC visit the website at westplainseconomicdevelopment.net or follow @WPREDI on Facebook.

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