Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway recently issued monthly reports showing that 74% of the cities and political subdivisions in Howell and surrounding counties are in compliance with state financial reporting laws.

One report includes cities, towns and villages while a second lists political subdivisions such as water, fire protection and other taxing districts. These entities are required to file annual financial reports with the state auditor’s office within six months of the end of their fiscal year, by June 30.

Thirty-one of the 42 cities and political subdivisions in the seven county region were compliant, reported Galloway’s office. Eleven cities and tax districts did not file their reports by the deadline.

In Howell County, political subdivisions that filed on time were Brandsville Fire Protection District, Howell County 911, Howell County Health Department, Howell County Rural Fire Department No. 1, Pomona Fire Protection District, Pumpkin Center Fire Protection District, Public Water Supply Districts 1 and 3, South Howell Ambulance District and Willow Springs Ambulance District.

Willow Springs Library District reportedly did not file by the June 30 deadline.

The city of Brandsville filed its report on time, but the city of Willow Springs reportedly did not.

In Douglas County, Ava Ambulance District filed its report by the due date, as did the Douglas County Library District. The Douglas County Health Department missed the deadline, Galloway’s office reported.

Public Water Supply Districts 1 and 4, Texas County Memorial Hospital (TCMH) Community Improvement District (CID) and TCMH all filed their annual reports in time. Political subdivisions in Texas County that did not, according to the report, include Licking Route 32 CID, Public Water Supply District 2 and the Texas County Emergency Medical Services Board, health department and library district.

The city of Houston in Texas County also reportedly missed the deadline to submit its report.

Neither the Shannon County Ambulance District nor the county health departments filed their reports in time, according to the auditor’s office. No other political subdivisions are listed for that county.

All three cities listed in Shannon County — Birch Tree, Eminence and Winona — file their reports by June 30.

All of Oregon, Ozark and Wright counties’ political subdivisions filed their reports by the due date.

The city of Gainesville in Ozark County filed its report by the deadline.

The report also includes information on seven cities and three taxing districts that submitted late financial reports or other related documents during the month of June to the auditor’s office.

A total of 1,883 local governments and taxing districts were required to file by June 30 because their fiscal year ended on Dec. 31. Of those entities, 1,351 filed financial reports in timely manner.

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