Two West Plains men have been arrested as the result of an investigation into multiple break-ins at a home on Davidson Street. 

Christopher Frank Hogue, 31, Sesson Street, and Sean David Foster, 24, Jefferson Avenue, were arrested in the early morning hours Saturday on charges of second-degree burglary. Each is held on $25,000 bond.

Deputy Torey Thompson reported the West Plains Police Department had placed cameras at the home, which was vacant but still contained property. According to reports, at about 11:45 p.m. Friday, the cameras were triggered by two men, who appeared to be entering the home. 

Available officers with the West Plains Police Department were involved in an armed standoff at the time and were unable to respond. The alleged break-in was investigated by Thompson and deputies Seth Smith, Nicholas Bruno and Melanie Roam with the Howell County Sheriff’s Department. 

The deputies reportedly arrived on scene about 15 minutes after the cameras had been triggered and saw a sliding glass door open.    

They announced themselves several times with no response, Thompson reported. The deputies eventually found Foster and Hogue in an upstairs area of the home partially hiding under debris. 

While reviewing video footage, Thompson noticed Foster entered the home carrying what appeared to be an empty duffle bag. A bag matching the one in the video was found in the house, full of items that appeared to be taken from the inside of the house, Thompson said. 

Foster allegedly admitted to putting the items in the bag but told the deputy he did so with the intention of using the bag as a pillow. Thompson said he found this explanation “very implausible” because the items included an electric can opener, an electric toaster and similar items. 

Hogue told reportedly told Thompson he advised Foster the house was vacant and Foster asked him to show it to him. Hogue said it was the third time he had been in the house, according to reports.      

Quill Staff Reporter

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