Mtn. View, Missouri

Two Mtn. View residents have been charged with stealing over $800 worth of deposits and utilities after city officials reportedly discovered power was being supplied to a rental home after the electric meter had been removed.

Jennifer Wagner, 43, and William Teubert, 34, have each been charged with stealing $750 or more, a felony. The theft allegedly happened between October of 2018 and February 2019.

Mtn. View Police Chief Jamie Perkins reported that on Feb. 6 he was contacted by City of Mtn. View Electric Supervisor Josh Ennis and told an electric meter at a home on East Third Street had been tampered with.

Two copper pipes had been smashed flat to connect the power line directly to the home’s breaker box, Ennis said, adding utilities had been shut off at the residence since August 2018 and the meter had been removed.

Perkins went to the property but was reportedly unable to get anyone to come to the door. While there, he noticed a gas can on a porch that had Teubert’s name on it; during an investigation into the name, he discovered Teubert had listed the address as his with a credit bureau in November 2018.

The owner of the property reported Wagner and Teubert began renting the home in November 2018.

Perkins said he returned the next day to the residence and Wagner answered the door and told Perkins the power was turned on before she and Teubert moved in.

Both allegedly told Perkins a man had been living there with them who they assumed was paying the utility bill, but neither could give Perkins a name.

It was also reportedly discovered the water meter had been turned on at the property and trash services had also been used during that time, without a request for city service.  

Perkins said based on a prior record of utility usage at that address, it was estimated Wagner and Teubert owed the city $832.59, including a $520 deposit.   

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