A Willow Springs woman has been charged with knowingly burning after she allegedly set fire to a pile of clothing in an apartment complex parking lot during an argument over a debit card.   

Amy Coleen Lawson, 35, Willow Springs, was arrested on released on a summons for the offense, a felony.  

Willow Springs Police Officer Brian Jackson said he responded to Willow Springs Apartments on June 5 to a report that Lawson was knocking on the door of an apartment and making threats to the mother of a man Lawson said took her debit card.   

The mother of the man Lawson accused told Jackson that Lawson threatens her each time she and her son has an argument. She added she had received a phone call that her son had been assaulted in Texas County and told where she could find him, and believed Lawson to be involved.

Her son was found unconscious along a roadway, the woman said, and Lawson had been screaming at the mother that Lawson wanted to find the other woman’s son because he had her debit card.  

While speaking to Lawson about the alleged theft, officers learned from her that the man was in one of the apartments. Jackson spoke to him and reported he denied having the card; a search showed he appeared to have nothing in his possession.   

Jackson noticed the man was bleeding from one ear and advised him to seek medical attention, which was declined.

As the officer went to speak to Lawson again several people told him there was a fire near the dumpster in the parking lot, and Jackson put it out with a fire extinguisher from his patrol car.

After telling Lawson it didn’t appear the man had her debit card in his immediate possession, the officer said Lawson became very upset, yelling and cursing, before allegedly admitting to setting the clothing on fire and threatening to burn all of the man’s clothing and sue Jackson and another officer at the scene.

After being warned by Jackson to stop bothering the man’s mother about problems she wasn’t involved in, the officer heard Lawson yelling at a group of people that included the woman Lawson was warned to leave alone.  

Jackson then took Lawson into custody and she was transported to the Howell County Jail.

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