A local woman was arrested after riding to the sheriff’s department in the bed of the pickup truck belonging to the woman who has an order of protection against her.  

Christine Ann Consalvo, 32, West Main Street, was arrested on a charge of violation of a protection order for an adult, a misdemeanor, at 3:01 p.m. Sunday at the sheriff’s department. She is held on $3,000 bail.

Deputy Dylan Webb reported at 2:32 p.m. Sunday the sheriff’s department received a call from a woman wanting to report a violation of an order of protection, saying Consalvo was at her home asking to talk to her.

Deputies were unavailable to respond due to being on another call. The reporting party told the deputy she asked Consalvo to leave and reminded her she was violating an order of protection by being there. 

Consalvo allegedly continued to ask to speak to the victim and suggested going inside the house. 

The victim was attempting to drive away from the home and Consalvo, when Consalvo reportedly jumped into the bed of the truck. According to records, when the two women reached the sheriff’s department, Consalvo jumped out and continued to try to speak with the victim. 

West Plains police officers then arrested Consalvo in the parking lot of the sheriff’s department, Webb said. 

He also reported that Consalvo is a suspect in two other incidents of violating an order of protection in this particular case, and a suspect in three separate incidents after a full protection order was issued against her. 

The alleged victim reported Consalvo’s stalking and harassment has continued to escalate, and she fears what Consalvo might do in the future.

Quill Staff Reporter

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