A Howell County woman has been charged with first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action after allegedly stabbing her live-in boyfriend's hand during an altercation Thursday at her home.

Shannon M. Besse, 40, County Road 3810, was arrested Thursday night and is held on $25,000 bail, according to court records.

Sgt. Torey Thompson with the Howell County Sheriff’s Department reported that, at 9:47 p.m. Thursday, he responded to Besse’s home regarding a disturbance and she claimed her boyfriend had punched her in the head, though Thompson said he saw no visible signs of injury.

He did, however, report he noticed a small amount of blood on her upper arm area that appeared to have come from another source, as she had no cut or open wound. He said he later found blood on Besse’s porch, and a trail leading from the porch into the backyard.

When Thompson asked her if her boyfriend had been shot or stabbed during the altercation, Besse reportedly replied, “I don’t know.”

Deputies assisting in the investigation found the victim at a neighboring home with lacerations and a deep, penetrating injury to his hand, and the man reportedly told Thompson that Besse had stabbed him with a knife.

Thompson also reported the victim appeared to have scratches to his face and chest that he said were caused by Besse.

The man reportedly told Thompson the fight had begun after the two had been drinking and he accused her of talking to other men. Besse denied stabbing her boyfriend and said the injury to the man’s hand was caused when she squeezed it with her fingernails, Thompson said.

The victim identified a folding knife as the knife he was stabbed with, and it was reportedly found in the bathroom of Besse’s home with blood smears on the blade, as if an attempt had been made to wash or wipe it off; the blade was reportedly still wet.

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