Mtn. View, Mo.

AN 11-PERSON TEAM from Americorps is in Mtn. View helping renovate House of Abigail. Team members Adrian Stephen and Rachel Silverman are carrying boards into the house for a floor the team is building.

A team of AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) members is helping to renovate the House of Abigail in Mtn. View.

The group of 11 young adults arrived in Mtn. View Jan. 6 and will be working there until Feb. 13. After finishing at Abigail House, the group will come to West Plains to work at Health Haven Botanical Gardens at 906 County Road 8270.

Over the course of this six-week project, the AmeriCorps team will start by completing the deconstruction of the building’s interior. This will include removing the reaming walls, ceilings, floors, plumbing and other objects that cannot be reused after the renovation.

The team will then prepare the house for the rebuilding process, such as helping restore the structural integrity of the support beams. Time permitting, the team will likely begin rebuilding the house.

The NCCC team’s work is a necessary part of the House of Abigail’s process to combat the cycle of poverty in the region, said Barb Fisher, director of the House of Abigail. “If no one breaks the cycle, the cycle will never break. Each day that goes by is a day that is lost.”

The House of Abigail’s mission is to “break the cycle of trans-generational poverty, poor health, teen pregnancy, joblessness and other struggles commonly seen in impoverished pockets of the Ozarks.”

NCCC first helped with the House of Abigail in November and December 2017. That team helped remove a large portion of furniture, plumbing and electrical wiring in the house, and deconstructing and removing the majority of the building’s interior.

Adrian Stephen, team media representative, said the group was recently in Aransas Pass, Texas, to aid in the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The team began working Oct. 10, 2017, after three weeks of training at the Denver regional hub. Stephen, whose future plans are working for the National Park Service, said while in Texas they helped remodel homes damaged during the hurricane.

A 2017 high school graduate from Anaheim, Calif., Stephen said working in NCCC is a “great experience.”

Anyone wishing to join the organization, can go to www.americorps, gov/nccc. Each team member is paid $13.80 per day. At the end of the year, team members will be paid a lump sum of $5,920 with the money to be used for higher education and/or payments on student loans.

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