Randy McDermott

Randy McDermott

A Thayer resident was arrested and held without bond after allegedly stealing a neighbor’s gun and threatening him with it.

Randy McDermott, 56, was taken into custody Saturday evening after officers and deputies from Thayer, West Plains and Oregon and Howell counties had surrounded his home for five hours to keep him from escaping. A bond hearing is scheduled for Monday in Oregon County, according to court records.

Thayer Police Officer Stephen Bryant reported he was dispatched to a home on Gilbert Street in Thayer to take a report where he was told that McDermott had been at the reporting party’s house the night before and taken a gun from a dresser drawer.

That morning when the gun was discovered missing and McDermott was asked to give it back, he reportedly refused and said, “I’ll use your own gun on you,” and threatened to beat the gun’s owner up if he called the police.

In his statement to police, the man also said McDermott had several bags of methamphetamine and paraphernalia in his home. Bryant noted the man’s phone rang three times while Bryant was at the residence, and the caller was identified as McDermott by the man, who said he was still being threatened.

Bryant said he was able to hear a male voice say something about a gun and to “send the cops up here.”

At about 12:30 p.m. Bryant was called back to the house and told McDermott had been there and had brandished the stolen gun, and was last seen in his own yard, also on Gilbert Street.

Bryant called Thayer Assistant Police Chief Luke Martin for assistance, and Bryant reported they banged on McDermott’s front door and identified themselves as the police. When a noise was heard from within the house, the two officers decided to back away and Martin called for backup.

After McDermott was arrested, ammunition including 37 rounds of .22-caliber ammo, two baggies containing a white crystal substance, one baggie with a white bead-like substance, rolling papers, five straws, a glass pipe, scales and a torch lighter were confiscated.

Bryant noted a sock with large batteries in it that could be used as a weapon was also found near the front door, but not confiscated.


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