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A meeting of the Moody Fire Department board members will be held at 7 p.m. Monday at the Moody Community Building off of E Highway in Moody.

All are invited to attend, find out what board members have planned for the future of the fire department and, if interested, learn what it takes to get involved in the fire department as board members, firefighters or community members.

One board seat is vacant after the resignations of former fire chief Jason Cullum and board secretary Patricia Cullum. Secretary to the fire chief, Tonie Lott, has stepped down from that role.

Rick Leito is acting as interim fire chief and Stacie Nolan is acting as secretary to the fire chief, leaving Board President Brent Campbell as the only elected member sitting on the board at this time, with the other board members as either appointees or volunteers.

Campbell, who is the Howell County Sheriff-elect, will take that office Jan. 1, and said he would like to see the fire department and board organized before then. He said he would like to have the input of the community in that process. Training for board members on procedures will likely be part of that, he added.

The Moody Fire Department currently has six firefighters and have mutual aid agreements with Howell Rural Fire District No. 1 and Caulfield Fire Department.

Edited at 7:41 a.m. 10/30/2020 to clarify Lott's role with the fire department before stepping down. 

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Are these things fact checked prior to printing?

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