MIchael Nugent

A Texas County man charged with first-degree murder related to the shooting death of a Willow Springs resident reportedly did so out of revenge after being arrested the day before in Texas County.

Michael Anthony Nugent, 22, Summersville, was taken into custody Thursday in Howell County after victim Crue D. Ridenoure, 30, was reportedly found by passersby, shot in the chest and lying in a ditch at the intersection of W Highway and Highway 17 in Texas County.

The location is about five miles northwest of Summersville. Texas County Sheriff Scott Lindsey reported Ridenoure was found a little after 7 a.m., and law enforcement and first responders were dispatched to the scene to render aid.

Ridenoure was able to give first responders information about the shooting before being transported to Texas County Memorial Hospital in Houston where he died from his wound, Lindsey added.      

Evidence reportedly collected at the scene of the shooting includes a spent .45-caliber shell casing, two green cloth gloves, a black glove, a damaged cell phone and blood samples.

Nugent  is charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon, shooting at or from a vehicle or at a person, vehicle or building, resulting in death or injury. All three charges are felonies.

Court documents show that two witnesses saw two males at the crime scene about 20 minutes before Ridenoure was discovered injured, and that the men appeared to be involved on some kind of altercation. One of the witnesses stated he saw a dark-colored motorcycle with chrome on it parked near one of the men.

Texas County Chief Deputy Rowdy Douglas, who investigated the shooting, reported he and other deputies went to the home of a family member of Nugent, who told them Nugent had been there earlier that morning, and he could hear Nugent yelling before he kicked the door in and entered.

Nugent then handed the family member the keys to a Hyundai parked outside and told him to return it to a woman who lives on Kings Drive. When asked if Nugent had a gun on him, the witness said he didn’t see one, but knew Nugent had recently gotten a Kimber .45-caliber pistol.

Nugent also allegedly told the witness he had “just shot a dude,” and said the vehicle had to go back to the owner “right now.” The witness told deputies Nugent owned two motorcycles that had chrome on them and when asked said Nugent’s motorcycle might be at the home on Kings Drive.

The woman at that location reportedly told deputies Nugent had knocked on her door at about 7 a.m. asking to use her vehicle, at first telling them she thought Nugent was on foot but later admitting Nugent had parked his motorcycle in a crawl space under her house because it was about to rain.

She allegedly added that Nugent appeared very nervous and possibly under the influence of drugs, and when she asked if he was high he reportedly replied that he had spent the night in jail, so how could he be high?

She stated when she asked why Nugent had been in jail, he told her he had been “set up,” but wouldn’t explain further. Sheriff Lindsey and a responding state trooper reportedly found Nugent’s maroon Harley-Davidson in the home’s crawl space, appearing to have been covered with unrolled insulation in an attempt to conceal it.

The woman told authorities Nugent’s family member had returned her vehicle to her.

A woman who was with Nugent at the time of his arrest by Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Cpl. Michael Greenan was also taken into custody and questioned. She reportedly told law enforcement Nugent said he had been arrested by Texas County deputies Oct. 9, the day before the shooting.

Nugent reportedly told her he was arrested because Rideoure had fled law enforcement while driving Nugent’s motorcycle and let Nugent get arrested instead of coming clean about the incident preceding the chase to keep Nugent from going to jail.

She reportedly added that Nugent was angry about the arrest, and alleged that after he bonded out, eh rode his motorcycle from his home on Wallen Road in Eunice in order to find Rideoure to fight him. Nugent allegedly came back to the home about an hour later, shaking badly, and told the witness he had shot Ridenoure in the chest and he had “taken care of Ridenoure,” before apologizing for shooting him, she reportedly told law enforcement.

She reported she and Nugent then left the home in his pickup truck and were on their way to a friend’s home in Mtn. View when they were arrested.          

Cpl. Greenan reportedly spoke to the individual that had bailed Nugent out the morning before the shooting and drove him home, who said Nugent believed it was Ridenoure’s fault Nugent had been arrested. That witness reportedly told Green that during the entire drive from Houston, Nugent talked about getting even with Ridenoure.

In his report, Douglas added that, due to witness statements, he had probable cause to believe Nugent had deliberated about causing Ridenoure’s death, then carried through on the plan.

Court records show a warrant was issued Sept. 13 for Nugent out of Wright County on charges of failure to appear on charges of driving while revoked/suspended, failure to maintain financial responsibility for a vehicle and speeding 20 to 25 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Nugent was already awaiting trial in Texas County on several charges, including felony second-degree assault and second-degree property damage, a misdemeanor, after a Sept. 7 incident in Summersville. He had allegedly struck a man in the face during an altercation, knocking out five of his teeth, gouged him in the eye and attempted to bite him in the groin, biting the man in the stomach instead, records show.      

Nugent was charged with felony first-degree assault with serious injury after allegedly assaulting a man on July 24 while wearing brass knuckles, fracturing bones in his face.

In Howell County, Nugent is charged with failing to maintain financial responsibility for a vehicle, possession of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoid and possession of drug paraphernalia, all misdemeanors; unlawful use of a weapon by exhibiting, a felony; leaving the scene of an accident, driving while revoked/suspended, careless and imprudent driving involving an accident and failure to register a motor vehicle, all misdemeanors; and failure to display a current state license plate and failure to wear a seat belt, both infractions.   

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