Sexual Assault

A Willow Springs resident who allegedly supplied teenage girls with marijuana in exchange for keeping quiet about an alleged sexual assault was arrested Saturday on a charge of second-degree statutory sodomy.  

The incident reportedly happened in June, and a grand jury warrant was issued Dec. 17, according to court records.    

Loyd Albert Coffia, 44, was released Monday on $10,000 bail. Howell County Sheriff’s Deputy Shannon Caldwell reported that, on July 27, a 14-year-old girl completed a written statement alleging that Coffia had given her marijuana to smoke while she was at his home on West High Street in Willow Springs, reportedly less than 2,000 feet from Willow Springs school property.

During his investigation, Caldwell said the alleged victim told him the marijuana and a wax marijuana product called “dabs” were given to her by Coffia to try to get her not to tell her mother or law enforcement about an incident that had happened at Coffia’s home.

The alleged victim said that she and two other girls, ages 16 and 17, were sleeping on Coffia’s bed at his home when he put his hand down her shorts and touched her in a sexual manner. She added that the two other girls saw what happened and tried to protect her from Coffia by locking the three of them in a bathroom, which eventually led to Coffia ordering them to leave his house at about 3 a.m.

The incident allegedly happened when the girl was 13 years old, Caldwell said.

The girl also said Coffia had written her love notes, drew a picture of them as a couple and a rose, which he signed. The two alleged witnesses and a third girl, age 15, told investigators they had also been given marijuana and “dabs” to smoke by Coffia at his home.

Coffia is next scheduled to appear in court at 1 p.m. Tuesday before 37th Circuit Presiding Judge Steven Privette for arraignment.

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