Willow Springs City Council

The Willow Springs City Council met for a special budget work session Saturday morning at city hall, where funds were requested by the police and fire departments for new vehicles.

Willow Springs Police Chief Bryan Hogan requested a pickup truck to haul items. The police department has been on an every-other-year vehicle purchase program and this is the year to purchase, Hogan explained. Two vehicles the department had looked at bore 2019 price tags of $30,700 for a Chevrolet and $31,700 for a Ford.

Hogan said there is $40,000 that was put in the capital expense budget for 2019 that has not been spent, and the police department would like to move those funds to the 2020 budget.

The council requested bids with 2020 prices.

Willow Springs Fire Chief Donald Worley told the council that the department’s main pumper has been down six times in a two-month period, citing electrical problems, hydraulic leaks and pump issues.

A ladder truck is also out of service due to the ladder hydraulics breaking down, said Worley. He said it will take $10,000 to $15,000 to repair that issue. The chief said the fire department also wants to add a third door to the front of the ladder truck at an estimated cost of $6,000 to $8,500.

Worley said he has learned the cost of a used 13-year-old pumper truck will be around $150,000. Council asked Worley to look into a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in February, and authorized him to put a down payment on a new pumper in the budget for next year.

The council was also informed that no one is picking up the recycling collected and baled by the Sanitation Department. The recycling brought to the department by the public is being thrown in with the regular trash.

The city’s recycling machines are reportedly breaking down constantly.

Council members said they would look into finding a way to incorporate recycling with the sanitation contract.

Other budget considerations brought up during the meeting include consideration of contracting mowing for city parks and the cemetery, purchasing a $12,082 fault locator for underground electric, putting a shower in the Willow Springs Airport lounge, adding sidewalks and adding utilities and a street near Jasper Engines.

No action was taken regarding the shower request.

Council decided it would possibly look into Missouri Department of Transportation funding for the sidewalks in 2022.

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