An Ash Flat, Ark., man has been charged with first-degree assault after reportedly attacking another man unprovoked and repeatedly punching him in the face, breaking his nose.

Brent J.D. Haskins, 21, of Ash Flat, Ark., was arrested at 1 a.m. Friday on an Oregon County charges of first-degree assault and released on $10,000 bail.

The assault allegedly happened the night of Oct. 6 at a party on County Road 333 in Oregon County.

Oregon County Sheriff’s Deputy Jordan Reed said the alleged victim told him he arrived at the party to pick up his girlfriend and witnessed Haskin’s brother assaulting someone much smaller than him. The victim said he tried to intervene by asking the two involved to calm down.

Haskin’s brother then reportedly raised his fist to the alleged victim as if to start a fight, and the victim said he told the other man he had no intention of fighting anyone. The other man allegedly then called Haskins over and told him the victim had been “mouthing” the brothers.

Still reportedly trying the defuse the situation, the victim said he again told everyone to calm down and he wasn’t looking to fight. He said he then turned to the individual he had witnessed being assaulted. Haskins allegedly punched him in the face as he was looking away.

He said Haskins hit him about 10 times before he managed to elbow him in the face and get away. Reed noted in his report that Haskins was about seven inches taller than the victim and outweighed him by about 30 pounds.

The deputy also documented injuries to the victim’s face including bruising, swelling and minor cuts, with a busted lip. The victim said a tooth was also chipped in the assault, and that emergency room doctors at Ozarks Medical Center told him his nose had been fractured.

The victim’s girlfriend, who reportedly witnessed the attack, corroborated the victim’s recollection of the attack and provided deputies with a verbal and written statement.

Quill Staff Reporter

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