A Missouri Department of Transportation team serving Ozark County has been recognized by Gov. Mike Parson and his administration as one of five state teams receiving governor’s awards for service in 2019.

The teams were recognized Thursday with the 2019 Governor’s Award for Quality and Productivity, which acknowledge accomplishments that show continuous improvement, quality, efficiency and productivity in state government.

The Customer Service award was presented to MoDOT’s team performing emergency bridge replacements on PP Highway and CC Highway over the North Fork of the White River in Ozark County. Parson recognized the team for minimizing the inconvenience to the public when flooding washed away the two bridges in April 2017.

MoDOT expedited the planning, procurement and construction process for both bridges and the replacement team compressed a construction process that normally takes three years into less than six months, said Parson.       

Adding to the complexity of these projects, the new bridges were redesigned to avoid future flood damage.  Also, using social media and time-lapse photography, the MoDOT team also went to extraordinary lengths to keep the public informed of the bridge construction progress, Parson noted.

“These teams are great examples of the innovative work that Missouri public servants are doing to help better citizens’ lives,” said Parson in address given during Thursday’s special ceremony held in the Capitol Building’s First Floor Rotunda. “It is inspiring to see the dedication of our state workforce to improve our daily lives. Let’s keep this momentum going and continue to find new ways to create better government.”

Other teams recognized include the State Emergency Management Agency for using its geographical information system to create a Common Operating Picture and Situational Awareness Portal to deploy resources faster and more effectively in times of disaster; the Family Support Division for reducing the state’s backlog by 90% in less than 18 months; the Buckle Up Phone Down campaign for engaging drivers with a challenge to buckle up and put phones down while driving; and Roaring River State Park for its First Hole Program, which increases fishing accessibility for those who may otherwise miss out.

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