Jason R. Patnou

A Lakeview, Ark., man who allegedly answered his door to law enforcement while nude and intoxicated has been arrested after authorities say he called in a false bomb threat at the Baxter County Detention Center in Mtn. Home, Ark.

Jason Robert Patnou, 36, is charged with felony falsely communicating a terroristic threat and is held on $25,000 bail, according to Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery.

At 10:43 a.m. Sunday the jail reportedly received a phone call from a male caller telling staff, “You need to release all of the prisoners.” When asked why, the caller reportedly replied, “Because the place is about to explode.”

When asked to repeat what he had said, the caller reportedly answered, “Have fun with that,” and hung up.

Caller ID was used to retrieve a phone number that was cross-referenced with jail records, and matched Patnou’s number, Montgomery said. Patnou had reportedly been booked into the jail on March 28, at which time he reportedly provided that number.

When jailers called that number back, the call reportedly went to Patnou’s voicemail.

A precautionary search of the jail was conducted and nothing suspicious was found, Montgomery said.

When a deputy went to the address shown on the booking record from March, Patnou reportedly came to the door naked and intoxicated.

Jail officials called Patnou’s number while the deputy was present to confirm the number belonged to Patnou, and Patnou was taken into custody.    

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