Willow Springs School District


The March meeting of the Willow Springs School Board resulted in the offer of 2019-2020 employment contracts to several probationary and part-time teachers and eight teachers being granted tenure starting next school year.

The teachers who have earned tenure are Courtney Brooke Coffman, April Collins, Kimberly Grogan, Megan James, Jennifer Martin, Rachel Martin, Karen Nichols and Logan Schwalm.

Teachers already tenured with contract renewals for the 2019-2020 school year are Sara Watson, Brenda Beck, Shane Bell, Hope Berry, Karen Binkley, Rachel Brotherton, Erin Brower, Jessica Bunch, Ryan Bunch, Annette Chaney, Tammy Clary, Abby Clinton, Chris Cochran, Kimberli Cochran, Angela Conway, Tracey Cottengim;

David Cox, Gloria Crewse, Laurie Earls, Mary Ann Earls, Nathan Earls, Anita Ellis, Coleen Evans, Dustin Forrest, Audrey Foster, Brandin Gilliam, Jennifer Gossard, Tiffany Green, Chari Grogan, Eva Hale, Stefanie Hobson, Jewel Holloway, Sonia Holt, Crystal Hopper, Kevin Hummel, Kate Iacovleva Sergei Iacovlev, Brenda Jackson;

Russell Jackson, Stacey Johnson, Julia Kelley, Matthew Knapp, Brett Kuhlmeier, Sabrina Lee, Julia Leija, Amber Lewis, Julie Lovelace, Vernieca Luerssen, Colleen Made, Rachel Mayberry, Heather Miller, Jeannie Moffis, Dawn Newberry, Sherry Owens, Sharon Patton, Beverly Pettit, Kathryn Picard, Karen Pitts;

Misty Pitts, Amy Pollard, Sarah Presser, Shelly Rickard, Randi Slayton, Melanie Smith, Megan Spence, Gary Spencer, Tanya Spencer, Tina Spencer, Josh Sotltzfus, Charla Story, Courtney Stuart, Judith Tilley, Cheryl Tyler, Nikki Wake, Kelly Wardle, Phalena White, Jerry Wickens, Myra Yost and Jacqueline Younger.

Probationary teachers offered contracts for next year are Elizabeth Anderson, Megan Bell, Mindy Bell, Meghan Berry, Quencie Colley, Beverly Collins, Robert Crewse, Jessica Cunningham, Rebecca Dillin, Jeff Fisher, Cindy Fox, Karley Good, Marcy Holder, Cindy Hutsell, Ashley Johnson, Cole Johnson, Tara Land;

Bree Lovan, Susan Nielsen, Brandon Pitts, Hayley Pitts, Valeriy Protsenko, Elizabeth Schwertfeger, Andrea Simandl, Letha Stamper, Kyle Wage, Shiloh Walden, Megan Walker, Sherry Wiles, Alisa Williams and part-time teachers Curtis Good and Susan James.


After reviewing the recommended 2019-2020 calendar, the school board voted unanimously to approve it.

The first day of classes will be Aug. 14 and the school year will end with a half-day May 15, 2020.

Fall break for students will be Oct. 18 through 21; Oct. 21 is a professional development day for teachers. Thanksgiving break will be the week of Nov. 25 and Christmas break will start Dec. 23. Classes will resume Jan. 6, 2020. Spring break will take place the week of March 16, 2020.

The board also discussed tuition rates for Fiscal Year 2020, but no action was taken.

Board planning sessions will be held at 5 p.m. March 26 and April 2.

After the action portion of the meeting, the board moved into closed session, during whic the teacher contracts were approved. In addition, contracts were offered to Jordan Capader, elementary special education, and Nancy Jackson, high school special education.

Approval was given to substitute teacher Cathy Smith and volunteers Philip Chafin,

Lacey Carter, Amy Schmitt, Tyrell Bien, Michael Dillin, Dennis Williams, Susan Rackley, Robert Rackley and Debra Wake.

Items presented for information during the open portion of the meeting included a high school math department update from teachers Sabrina Lee, Gary Spencer, Susan James and Russell Jackson. Sharon Patton presented an overview of her financial literacy click and Chris Cochran and Shirleen Pilcher updated the board on the high school music department.

Technology Director Andrew Coursen discussed the data inventory report and a technology usage police with the board and February administrative reports were reviewed by the board.

The district’s fund balance is about $4.8 million; in February, it was about $4.7 million, and this time last year, it was about $5 million. The food service balance is $164,976.

Board member Farrell Graves was absent from the meeting. President Tony Friga, members Brent Colley, Mac Gum, Adrianne Mansfield, Dean Aye and Shane Lee were in attendance, as were Superintendent Dr. William Hall and Board Secretary Mandy Scarbrough.

The Willow Springs School Board will next meet at 7 p.m. April 8.

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