A Texas County woman is held on a half-million dollar bond after allegedly attacking a man with a “battle ax” after an argument about dinner; she is charged with first-degree domestic assault involving a serious physical injury.

Texas County deputies reportedly responded Wednesday to the home of Lisa Zaemisch, 46, of Success, and took her into custody.

The alleged victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries described as a cut about an inch long just above his right elbow that required three stitches to his muscle and four stitches to his outer flesh, according to court records. He had reportedly been taken to Texas County Memorial Hospital in Houston by private vehicle for treatment.

When Deputy Aaron Sigman responded to the scene, he stated he tried for several minutes to get someone to come to the door before entering. He said he saw Zaemisch lying on a bed in a bedroom with the ax and a handgun lying next to her, and when Sigman told her why he was there, Zaemisch said she “wasn't making any statements.”

Sigman noted the woman had a strong odor of intoxicants coming from her, and described the ax as having a handle about 24 inches long with a semi-circular sharpened head attached to the end, with a speck of blood on it. A trail of blood led from the bedroom doorway to the kitchen, then to the bathroom, Sigman reported.

The alleged victim said the attack was prompted by an argument about what he was preparing for dinner, and Zaemisch told him she wanted chicken. The victim reportedly told her he bought sausage dogs and would let her know when dinner was ready.

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