A Mtn. View man charged with one count of statutory rape of a person less than 14 years old and three counts of statutory sodomy of a person less than 12 years old was sentenced to 18 years in prison after entering a plea agreement Thursday in Howell County.

James Adam Lindsey, 29, pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree statutory sodomy with a person less than 12 years old and was sentenced by 37th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Don Henry.

Lindsey was charged Jan. 5, 2017, with statutory rape and two counts of statutory sodomy. On Jan. 23, an additional charge was filed against him after discovery of an alleged second victim.

According to probable cause statements, Lindsey allegedly had sexual intercourse with a child less than 12 years old between Nov. 5, 2016, and Dec. 28, 2016, while he and his girlfriend were babysitting several children in Lindsey’s apartment. During the same time period, he is accused of having deviant sexual intercourse with the girl.

The other alleged incident, deviant sexual intercourse, took place with a boy less than 12 years old during July 2016. He reportedly told both victims the assaults were a secret between them.

Lindsey was reportedly named as a suspect in several Division of Family Services (DFS) reports of child molestation with five victims ranging in age from one to nine, most of them under the age of five. According to the reports, Lindsey is reportedly a serial pedophile who had been sexually assaulting children for six years prior to the charges. Three different reports from DFS in Dent County allege he had sexually abused four other children from 2011 to 2014.

He reportedly had a habit of moving away from areas where he was facing accusations, according to the reports. Lindsey lived in Mtn. View less than two years at the time of the charges.

In an interview with Mtn. View police officer Eleanor Carson regarding the current charges, Lindsey said he remembered an accusation made about him by an ex-girlfriend and one other accusation. However, he told Carson he was cleared of the accusations.

During the same interview, he told Carson he was very active in his church and took children to church camps for the summer and was a camp leader and supervisor. However, after he told his pastor about his past, Lindsey said he was told to have no interactions with children at the church until the allegations were resolved.

After being questioned by Carson, Lindsey’s girlfriend issued a statement. She said Lindsey spoke with her the evening of Jan. 3, 2017, and said “he had something that was hard to say.”

The girlfriend’s statement read, “He said he betrayed and lied to me. Then he said he had molested several children in his past.”

Lindsey’s girlfriend was present when the two were babysitting. She said on several occasions he took one child at a time into a bedroom and closed the door behind them, telling her he was having a “talk” with them for disciplinary reasons. She said the talks usually lasted 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

During one incident, she said she tried to open the door and found it locked, and when she knocked Lindsey told her they would be out in a few minutes.

She said if she questioned Lindsey about why he was having these talks, he would become violent and verbally abusive towards her. She said she was afraid of what Lindsey might do to her if she went against him. She told Carson the incidents began happening with more frequency and seemed less to do with discipline. She said one of the alleged victims seemed more and more reluctant to cooperate with Lindsey in the talks.

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