A West Plans man convicted of statutory rape in 2011 has been charged with three counts of second-degree statutory rape after allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl he had hired as a babysitter.

Ronald L. Becker II, 30, Private Road 1782, was in the custody of the Howell County Sheriff's Department at the time of the investigation, according to police officials. He remains in custody with a $25,000 bond, court records show.

On Saturday, the girl's mother reported her daughter had run away, and the next day told police she thought the teen might be with Becker and the two might be having a sexual relationship, adding her daughter used to babysit for Becker.

On Monday, Becker was arrested by deputies on an alleged court order violation, and it was learned the girl might be staying at a home on Newton Street, where she was found by West Plains police officers.

The homeowner reportedly told police that the teen and Becker had been staying there and she thought the two were in a dating relationship. The girl allegedly told officers she had intercourse with Becker at least 10 times at the home on Newton Street, and that Becker knew she was 14.

When Becker was interviewed by officers on Tuesday he reportedly told them he went to the sheriff's department and admitted to an investigator on Dec. 30 he had sex with the victim twice at his home, whom he thought to be underage, and during the police interview added the two also had sex at the home on Newton Street once in the previous couple of days.

When Becker was told the girl stated she had sex with Becker at least 10 times, Becker allegedly said it was possible, but he had been drinking and couldn't remember.

Becker was convicted of statutory rape in July 2011, the victim being 16 and Becker being 21, according to court documents.

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