A West Plains man has been charged with two counts of first-degree child molestation, felonies, after a teenage girl reported he had touched her inappropriately years earlier, when she was younger than 9.

During the investigation, a second alleged victim reported similar contact from the suspect to law enforcement.

Dennis John Schweiger, 70, County Road 8240, was charged July 22 and issued a summons the next day, according to court records.

An investigation into the allegations began June 24, after the teen told someone she had been touched in an “inappropriate area” as a child and a child abuse hotline call was made. During an interview with Howell County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Justin Riley and members of the alleged victim’s family, she reportedly described the incident and said it happened when she was younger than 9 years old.

She repeated the allegation during a Child Advocacy Center interview conducted July 6, adding it happened at Schweiger’s home, that Schweiger had also touched her inappropriately while giving her showers at a young age, made sexual comments to her and touched her in ways that made her uncomfortable as she got older.

On July 7, Riley and a Children’s Division Investigator spoke with Schweiger and he reportedly denied any sexual contact with the alleged victim.

On July 13, an interview with a family member of the first alleged victim was conducted by Riley, and she reported she was also touched by Schweiger in a sexual manner at Schweiger’s home when she was about 12. She added that type of contact had happened once and she no longer has contact with him.

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