Two men are charged with first-degree burglary after allegedly breaking into the homes of two Mtn. View women in the early morning hours of Aug. 29. The men allegedly touched the women in a sexual manner and made unwanted sexual advances. 

Sgt. Torey Thompson of the Howell County Sheriff’s Department reported Drew Stanley, 19, of Mtn. View, and Colten Wilkins, 20, of Birch Tree, entered a home on Belmont Street in Mtn. View at about 1 a.m. Aug. 29 through an unlocked door. 

The alleged victim said she awoke to someone banging on her door, but by the time she got out of bed the two men were already inside. She described them as “belligerently intoxicated” and said they were both holding beers. 

She said Wilkins touched her buttocks and the contact was unwanted. After she pushed him away, he and Stanley left, she said. 

During investigation of the incident, Thompson said he discovered the two then went to the Signal gas station in Mtn. View and employees there described the two men as being intoxicated and said they bragged about just having “made out” with a woman and gave a name similar to the last name of the alleged victim. 

Stanley and Wilkins then went to a second woman’s house on County Road 3670 and knocked on the front door and a bedroom window without receiving a response. 

They reportedly then removed the screen from the window and opened it, with Wilkins lifting Stanley through the window directly into the woman’s bedroom. 

The woman’s 5-year-old daughter was reportedly in the home at the time. 

Stanley then let Wilkins in through the front door, based on Thompson’s investigation. While there, the alleged victim said Stanley made comments about her having sex with the two men, and Stanley left to go to his vehicle. 

Wilkins then reportedly got into bed with the woman and began touching her on the buttocks, legs and genital area over her clothing and asked if she wanted to have sex with him. 

She told Thompson she had to fight off Wilkins’ advances and the two men eventually left. 

She also described Wilkins as being intoxicated. Wilkins reportedly admitted to talking to her about having sex with him and Stanley but denied touching her. 

Stanley reportedly told Thompson the two had gone to the women’s homes because of “the way the girls were sexually.” 

Thompson said Wilkins told him he wasn’t “totally drunk” but couldn’t walk. He further said he had drunk seven or eight beers and said Stanley was about as intoxicated as he was.  

Stanley denied consuming alcohol prior to the incidents. 

Thompson reportedly also sought fourth-degree assault, sexual misconduct and trespassing charges when filing a probable cause statement with prosecutors.

The deputy added that the women were now afraid of staying at their homes alone after the incident. He said the men’s willingness to enter homes uninvited in the middle of the night endangered members of the community and the suspects if they encountered someone willing to use deadly force to defend themselves.    

The burglary charges were filed Tuesday and a warrant has not been issued yet, according to court documents.

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