Missouri Lottery

With its latest transfer of profits to the Lottery Proceeds Fund for public education, the Missouri Lottery has exceeded the $6.5 billion mark for profits sent to the state and public education since Lottery sales began in 1986.

Profits benefiting Howell and surrounding counties in Fiscal Year 2019 amounted to about $5.26 million, according to Missouri Lottery data.

The transfer of $24.15 million — based on ticket sales in October — brings the total for FY2020 to more than $125.8 million so far.

Prior to each fiscal year, the Lottery averages the most recent five years’ profits for a “benchmark” and increases that amount by 1% to arrive at a prudent goal for the next fiscal year.

Proceeds allotted to Howell County exceeded $3.6 million in FY19, all but $2,316 of it going toward area schools. Of the rural schools, Fairview School district received about $276,000; Richards School, about $228,000; Junction Hill School, about $158,000; Glenwood School, about $148,000; and Howell Valley School, about $114,000.

West Plains R-7 School District received about $1.3 million of the proceeds. Willow Springs School district got about $655,000 and Mtn. View-Birch Tree School District, about $580,000.

Missouri State University-West Plains was given $776 for a vocational rehab grant and another $425,000 for A+ Schools and Access MO scholarships.

The remaining $2,316 was given to various individuals and organizations to help with the employment of people with disabilities.

In Texas County, schools were given all but $1,319 of about $590,000 in lottery gains. Houston received about $184,000 of the funds; Cabool, $176,000; Plato, $82,000; Licking, $61,000; Summerville, $40,000; Raymondville, $19,000; and Success, $16,000. The remaining $1,319 went to support disability employment.

Douglas County received $572,000 in lottery proceeds in FY19, with all but $621 going to Ava School District. The remainder went to support individuals with disabilities in gaining employment.

Ozark County schools were given about $225,000 of proceeds, with Gainesville getting about $72,000; Dora, $60,000; Bakersfield, $48,000; Lutie, $20,000; and Thornfield, $11,000.

About $206,000 went to Oregon County, divided primarily between four school districts. Alton Schools received about $72,000; Thayer Schools, $68,000; Couch Schools, $28,000; and Koshkonong/Oregon-Howell, $27,000. Seven dollars went toward disability employment assistance.

Shannon County schools benefited by about $63,000, divided between Eminence and Winona districts, about $24,000 and $30,000, respectively.

For complete information about Missouri Lottery proceeds, including the specific programs benefited in each county, see the “Where the Money Goes” section at MOLottery.com.

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