Questions discrepancy between state, local numbers

To the editor:

I recently sent a letter to state officials with questions about the Show-Me Strong COVID dashboard. It was at least my third try. Here is what I wrote to them:

The link at the top of the Missouri State COVID dashboard encourages readers to write with questions. I have never gotten an answer to my letters.

I am sure that all state health employees are very busy. Yet I am surprised and confused that I cannot get an answer to my simple questions. My local Howell County, Missouri, health department is doing a great job of getting out local COVID statistics. They use the health department Facebook page to do this.

The state dashboard is listing about 500 less confirmed cases than the Howell County Health Department is. Further, the state dashboard lists 22 deaths currently, while Howell County has been reporting 47 deaths for about a week.

These discrepancies are much, much greater than the 72-hour hold that the state says they put on data. What is going on here? I also want to know if this is also occurring in reporting for other counties in Missouri.

Not only does the Missouri public need accurate information to stay safe, these incorrect statistics are being used by major national news outlets and also government agencies. I worry that inaccurate figures may also affect federal policies and funding if congress chooses to enact more aid. 

I repeat, what is going on here?


Tom Rowley

Willow Springs

A call to wake up

To the editor:

Regarding a letter to the editor previously sent from a “gentleman” from Gainesville, this shows another example of so-called fighting for freedom. 

I'm all for freedom, but not over face coverings and at the cost of the welfare of my loved ones, neighbors, and those whose health is at risk in these times of the ever-increasing spread of COVID and now the flu. His selfish regard for his ability to protest, or his “right to bear arms,” etc., affects the rights of others to remain healthy to do the same. 

These individuals don't believe until they or a close one gets this and become deathly ill. Then they quote others, “This is real, please do whatever to protect yourself and your loved ones.” Unfortunately, it may come too late. WAKE UP! 

Quit dumping tea and have some strong caffeine. Look at the science and fast-spreading occurrences around you: increasing cases, shortages of ICU availability and death. 

Thank you.

Robert John

West Plains

The difference between 'freedom to' and 'freedom from'

To the editor:

Americans value freedom very highly. Our Bill of Rights lists at least two types of freedom: “freedom to” and “freedom from,” both very important.

“Freedom to” is often something we choose do. Examples in Amendment 1 are freedom of religion, the freedom to speak and publish, and freedom to assemble peaceably.

“Freedom from” is something which might be forced upon us. Here are a few examples: In Amendment 4 we are guaranteed the freedom from illegal searches and seizures. In Amendment 5 we are guaranteed freedom from double jeopardy and freedom from self incrimination.

None of the “freedom to” rights are absolute. There are always limits. We have freedom of speech but cannot shout “fire” in a crowded theater. Speaking lies is slander. We can print what we want but not falsehoods. That’s libel. A person cannot punch another. That’s assault.

I’ve heard the informal definition that your freedom ends where my nose starts.

Consider this example: No one has freedom to dump raw sewage, knowingly or unknowingly, into community drinking water. We have freedom from actions which pollute our environment. Raw sewage in drinking water would cause diseases to spread harming the health of citizens.

Now think of the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict some have with wearing masks. COVID is spread from person to person through the air. An infected asymptomatic person can unknowingly infect many others. That person is not deliberately polluting their surrounding environment, but the freedom to not wear a mask is allowing this viral pollution to spread.

The freedom not to wear the mask is in conflict with the freedom from harmful pollution. “Freedom to” is in conflict with “freedom from.”

This could be a serious social problem which could lead to deadly consequences. “Freedom to” and “freedom from” are in a sense two sides of the same coin and must be balanced. Democracy inevitably calls for compromise.

That’s the situation we Missourians are in now. Our governor has not acted. In the absence of true leadership we citizens are left on our own to protect our community’s health. Wearing masks in public is a simple and reasonable solution. We don’t want the COVID to win. Consider your decisions seriously, please.

Justin Mutrux

Willow Springs

Statistics suggest election corruption

To the editor:

So there's no proof of corruption in this voting process? Really?

We can all be in agreement that this presidential race is super close, right? Roughly 50/50. What about those thousands of ballots in Pennsylvania that mysteriously appeared overnight? Out of those thousands all were for Biden, not one was for Trump. Not one.

Roughly, half of those ballots should have been for Biden, and half for Trump, statistically speaking.

Let's do a little experiment. Let's flip a quarter 100 times with Biden assigned heads, Trump tails. Now start flipping that coin, remembering that you must flip and get heads (Biden) 100 times in a row. We will set aside those thousands of Biden votes and use only 100. Fair enough?

Way more than fair, I'd say. Realize, in flipping that coin, there is a 1 in 2 (50/50) probability of getting heads (Biden) on each attempt. Finding the odds of getting an unbroken series of heads (Bidens) in a row, you simply multiply the probability of each flip.

So the chance of getting seven heads (Bidens) in a row is 1 in 2 to the 7th power, or 1 in 128. Obviously, we would all agree that could be accomplished. You just flip seven quarters 128 times before you could expect to maybe get seven heads (Bidens) in a row.

However, the odds of getting 100 heads (Bidens) in succession is 1 in 2 to the 100th power, or 1 in 10 to the 30th power (1 with 30 zeros after it).

By flipping 10,000 coins per second, it would take about 3,150 quadrillion years before reasonably expecting to get 100 heads (Bidens) in succession.

To get an idea of the immensity of this number, the visible universe is about 10 to the 28th power inches in diameter.

This alone is proof that major corruption has happened in this presidential voting process. But, hurry up, move along, nothing to see here, right?

Maybe, for some of you Biden folks, this isn't enough proof. For you, I have a great deal. The moon is made of cheese, and I have a bridge over the molten mozzarella river that I'll sell you at a super price.

Thomas Kohn


The work has just begun

To the editor:

IT AIN'T OVER. A voter's work just begins on Election Day. There is a moral obligation to be an educated voter, so you have a lot to do before the next election.

The state politicians the "R' vote just re-elected are the same ones Clean Missouri was passed to control. The deceptive wording of Amendment 3 duped voters as intended.

Amendment 3 guarantees ten more years of the most rigged voting districts in the country. It disenfranchises minority voters, and keeps the same shady politicians in power.

Paul's letter to Timothy declares a leader should be above reproach, self-controlled, and free from greed. Does that fit your candidates?

On Dec. 1, state legislators can pre-file bills for 2021 on the House and Senate websites. Websites and will track bills for you, notifying you by email as the bill progresses so you can hold politicians accountable.

Look for more attacks on the petition process since voters used it to pass Clean Missouri, repeal Right-to-Work--which attacked workers' rights, and pass Medicaid expansion. It is a vital part of our freedom of speech, but legislators last session said voters must accept that "Missouri is not a democracy."  Is that how you feel?  Remember, this is the group you just re-elected.  They will be emboldened since they duped voters into passing Amendment 3, destroying Clean Missouri.

There is $1.5 billion in already paid federal taxes being returned to Missouri to fund Medicaid expansion. You have a moral obligation to guard that money, keeping it from being siphoned off for pet projects.  Your "R" vote put the same governor in charge who threw 100,000 children off healthcare, and has consistently opposed Medicaid expansion.

For those of you who have been threatening Democrats by phone, internet or drive-bys, terroristic threatening is a violation of your parole.

As a patriotic American, it is your duty to stop defiling the American flag, using it as an emblem of the king of nail soup and the party that condones attacks on our democracy. The flag represents the democratic United States of America and belongs to "we the people." Tell your Washington friends to stay out of our Rose Garden and keep off the grass.

Jan Lancaster


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