Hawley should resign

To the editor:

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley should resign. 

For over two months he has lied to the American people. As a direct result of his lies, five Americans are dead. The most recent death was an officer with the Capitol Police Department who died Thursday evening from wounds received Wednesday.

The officer was defending our senators and representatives from a terrorist attack. 

Josh Hawley will forever be linked to the picture of himself giving a fist pump salute of support to the mob that was assembling outside the capitol on Wednesday morning. And even after the attack that led to our capitol being breached for the first time since the war of 1812, Josh Hawley refused to back down from his lies. He still proceeded on Wednesday evening at the Senate electoral college ceremony, to contest the Pennsylvania electoral votes. 

He still claimed some sort of election fraud cost Trump the election, even though 60 lawsuits and 90 judges have tossed every frivolous Trump lawsuit, and not a shred of evidence has been produced. The purpose of Hawley’s lies is to pander to Trump supporters and build support for a 2024 presidential run.

However, the show is over for Hawley. He is losing support from within the Republican party after the Wednesday terrorist attack. 

Former Missouri Sen. John Danforth spent years promoting Josh Hawley as the future of the Republican Party, a “once in a generation” candidate destined to contend for the presidency, perhaps in 2024. But in a Jan. 7 article from the Kansas City Star, after the riot at the U.S. Capitol left five people dead, Danforth blamed his former protégé for sparking the insurrection and says mentoring Hawley was the worst mistake of his life. 

On Thursday, book publisher Simon and Schuster canceled a Hawley book deal because of the terrorist attack being linked to Hawley’s continued lies. Republicans are blaming Hawley for the loss of two Senate seats in the Tuesday Georgia election. His standing within the Republican party is severely tarnished. 

If Hawley resigns, Gov. Parson will appoint another Republican to take his place, with someone who can be more honest with his constituents. 

There has to be consequences for those who caused the deaths of five Americans.

Earl Fuller

Willow Springs

Democracy cannot run without truth

To the editor:

On Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz stated that 38% of our nation believes the election was stolen. If that is true, it is because there has been a constant diet of misinformation.

What makes this worse is that Sen. Cruz and also Sen. Josh Hawley both know that the election was not stolen. Both of these men attended the most elite of law schools. Both of them clerked for Supreme Court justices. They know that the court system tells the tale of this election.

In 62 attempts to overturn the election in the courts by the Trump administration, none succeeded because no credible evidence of widespread fraud was presented. Credible evidence is not the same as tall tales on social media. Who is now telling the truth about the election? William Barr and the Justice Department, The Department of Homeland security, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, governors and election officials from ALL the contested states, the list goes on and on. 
Many of the judges and officials involved were Trump appointees, but the truth is the truth. As to why Cruz or Hawley might mislead, apparently both are willing to use falsity if it will get them power. Their congressional followers want a piece of that power too.

But a democracy can’t be run without the truth. This makes the actions of a few most heinous.

In truth, the voters have spoken. Those with ears to hear were warned that if some continued to peddle the president's lies, the people and even our democracy could be damaged. This certainly came to pass last Wednesday as the watching world was stunned by ill-willed intruders inside the Houses of the People. People were hurt, some died.

Supposedly, we stand as a society committed to using our words and our hard work to solve our problems together every day in a constitutionally protected democratic republic. The constitution cannot protect us if we don’t have the truth.

The United States has stood as a beacon of truth, compassion and freedom for the rest of the world. That beacon went out for a while on Wednesday. It is time to reach out across divides and care for one another. Let us together keep that beacon burning with the fuel of truth.

We have an awful lot of work to get done for the people in the next few months. 


Tom Rowley

Willow Springs

Who is funding elected officials?

To the editor:

In 1933, the “American Liberty League” plotted to overthrow duly-elected Franklin D. Roosevelt. They had money, guns and even approached an American war hero general to lead their ill-fated coup.

These were bankers and wealthy corporate families and former political leaders who were upset that their “free reign” of exploiting America for their own personal gain would be slowed a little.

They were caught when their American hero, Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler, went to Congress and turned these (by our Constitution's very narrow definition) traitors in. Little was ever done to these traitors, who should have been charged, tried and, if found guilty, received the maximum punishment.

Earlier this week there were 12 senators, and 140 Congress members, all in the Republican party, seditiously planning a show for their “dear leader.”

I want to know, who is funding these representatives? Is this 1933 all over again, with just different tactics? Is this show for their corporate bosses? A dry run for 2024?

Who is funding this?

It is obvious that our junior senator and our Congress member are no Smedley Darlington Butler.

Gary Kenard

Mtn. View

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